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The group of adventurers and heroes was preparing for the next mission to complete when they have figured out that simple switch of clothes can play a pretty neat trick on their enemies… However, as it usually happens in parody-themed strories, this trick was played with themselves – who could think that the main hero has such sweet looking body underneath all the caps and armor?

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Master Roshis New Technique

So, Master Takanawa comes up behind and squeezes Chun Li’s massive boobs from behind. He then does a few moves and the girl becomes naked. He starts to gently touch her gently and touch her neck. He looks at her with tender eyes and says, “I love you.” He also says that she is his favorite. After that, he undresses and begins to kiss her. She responds. He places the girl on his bedand begins to caress her breasts. At this time, Chun Li takes off his clothes. Master Takanawa sits down and kisses her. Chun Li touches his lips and gently caresses his. She then begins to take off her dress.

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Manya Has Gone Bankrupt

“Manya Has Gone Bankrupt” is a hentai based comics about busty chick from the world of fantasy who lost everything at the casino , and is trying to figure out how to fix this situation. What is the best way to do this? With all the resources that she always has with her which would be attractive bodycurves, as well as the bare minimum of clothing… Highly recommended even if haven’t been a fan of “Dragon Quest” series.

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