The Adventurers Cage

Two female warriors battle three enormous orcs in the dark dungeon. If this was any regular fantasy story the chances are they’d defeat them using the power of swords and skill… however, the story we are reading is a parody of hentai so the outcome will be very different. This time our bare-chested (their armor isn’t even good for any kind of battle) heroines will get completely blunder-ed!

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Koi no Rule, Atarashii Rule

A comic in black and white that tells a story about a brunette who got into a strange circumstance. Her former boyfriend was her first loveand they began to share romantic feelings. The couple went into the room for sex and, according to reports, it's going to be romantic. The guy removes his clothes and examines her big bras. Then the dude starts licking his boobs and slapping the girl's thigh. The brunette gives the dude an extravagant blowjob. So enjoy.

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Intercourse on the road

The Winx Club's beautiful dolls are enjoying a vacation in a tropical paradise. They are in a car. In the middle of the jungle, and extremely hotand the girls decide to remove their clothes and wear the bikini. The motor suddenly overheated and the car stops abruptly. The girls decide to stop for a break. It wasn't only that. They start fooling around and strip off their bikinis. It's interesting .. This is already interesting. naked girls start to kiss each other and kiss. Then it's time to have an unspeakably sexy lesbos or a orgy. Are you curious to know what transpires in the next chapter? Watch the comic right away.

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Master Roshis New Technique

So, Master Takanawa comes up behind and squeezes Chun Li’s massive boobs from behind. He then does a few moves and the girl becomes naked. He starts to gently touch her gently and touch her neck. He looks at her with tender eyes and says, “I love you.” He also says that she is his favorite. After that, he undresses and begins to kiss her. She responds. He places the girl on his bedand begins to caress her breasts. At this time, Chun Li takes off his clothes. Master Takanawa sits down and kisses her. Chun Li touches his lips and gently caresses his. She then begins to take off her dress.

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LUCY+ [GUST] [Fairy Tail] Thumbnails

This comic will be a little controversial. I love my friends but I don't wish to spend any more time with them. What's the best thing about cockroaches? They're too busy with complex ideas to be able to come to a consensus. Let me be honest. I'm pretty sure that the majority of people who read this comic won’t believe in me. Most people will not believe in me. They'll argue that this is a stupid and stupid character who isn't even a man and that the whole thing is absurd. It's not It's real. I'm not real, I'm just a shit. And my idea of having fun is to fuck my friends.

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Bianca Milk 5.1

Bianca is a gorgeous blonde, with large boobs from “Dragon Quest” she is currently trying to seduce her lover in a tavern’s bedroomwhere they are free from interruptions and can enjoy some quiet and peaceful time for themselves. It may not be so bad after all, Binaca is a beautiful blonde with big bosoms. Plus she is horny tonight!

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[ZVIZVA (Forester)] Tricolor Party (Dragon Quest III) [English]

Two women who have not been dressed properly will be arriving at the bar… It sounds like the beginning of an entertaining story. In our case , it’s also a beginning but our story will be a bit humorous since it’s sexy, kinky, horny, erotic and the rest of the wonderful words that are used to describe things that relate to hentai parody genre. By the way this parody is on “Dragon Quest” series!

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The world of warrior mages is not an imaginary world. Even heroic heroes could turn into bad people at some point. Could it be to make money, for treason or just to have fun with a cute hottie? Let’s just make sure that their motives are enough. The comic parody is inspired by characters fromthe “Dragon Quest” and lets you determine what their motives are.

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Zoku Senshi vs

Big tits and tiny clothes These are the kinds of fantasy hotties wild lesbians hunt for in these woods… and moving an inch ahead the hunt today was successful and they did not just have a brand new sexually attractive girl to play withbut they also have a brand-new double-sided dildo that they are testing! And it will be one very strange magical double-sided dildofor sure!

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Sasou Odori

Although she’s not a particularly effective priestess in battle but there’s no one who could match her skills when it comes to quieting the noisy guests in the taverns after combat. Yes, the enchantment of herextra sweet andsuper delicious boobies can be felt on male and female characters , as you will see from this hentai-themed comic!

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