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The group of adventurers and heroes was preparing for the next mission to complete when they have figured out that simple switch of clothes can play a pretty neat trick on their enemies… However, as it usually happens in parody-themed strories, this trick was played with themselves – who could think that the main hero has such sweet looking body underneath all the caps and armor?

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[ZVIZVA (Forester)] Tricolor Party (Dragon Quest III) [English]

Two women who have not been dressed properly will be arriving at the bar… It sounds like the beginning of an entertaining story. In our case , it’s also a beginning but our story will be a bit humorous since it’s sexy, kinky, horny, erotic and the rest of the wonderful words that are used to describe things that relate to hentai parody genre. By the way this parody is on “Dragon Quest” series!

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Female Warrior

The story of this comic centers around the life of a Female Warrior who protects the world from threats and aggression. But like all girls need time to recuperate. And so the busty beauty has fun with a huge daddy. She continues to fiss herself, and she again reaches vaginal orgasm. Then he rapes his chocolate eye. A man from the neighborhood arrives to help her. The wild fuckfest starts. Learn more about it by going through the comic.

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Demand for a Lady Warrior

This comic book is a black-and-white comic that tells the story of a girl busty warrior who set out on a long journey to seek freedom and riches. A group of marauders attacked and killed the girl in her backand took her. Captains arrived at the prison for interrogations. However, the sexy girl attracted his interest. The man snatches the girl from her, and then begins to cut her in half. Enjoy.

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